• Mount Russell

    Mount Russell, at 14,094 feet (4,296 m), is the seventh highest peak in the state of California, located about 0.8 miles (1.3 km) north of Mount Whitney.

  • Mount Sill

    With a summit of 14,159 ft (4,316 m), Mount Sill is one of the fourteeners of the Sierra Nevada in California, with striking views of Kings Canyon National Park and John Muir Wilderness.

  • Mount Tyndall

    Mount Tyndall is a peak in the Mount Whitney region of the Sierra Nevada. At 14,025 feet (4,275 m), it is the tenth highest peak in the state of California.

  • Mount Williamson

    Mount Williamson, at 14,379 feet (4,383 m), is the second highest mountain in the Sierra Nevada, and the sixth highest peak in the contiguous United States.

  • North Palisade

    North Palisade is the third highest mountain in the Sierra Nevada range of California, and the highest peak of the Palisades group of peaks.

  • Mount Muir

    Named in honor of John Muir, founder of the Sierra Club, Mount Muir is a peak in the Sierra Nevada of California, less than a mile south of Mount Whitney.

  • Mount Langley

    Mount Langley is located on the crest of the Sierra Nevada, and is the ninth highest peak in California and the seventh highest in the Sierra.

  • Middle Palisade

    Middle Palisade is a peak in the Palisades group, part of the central Sierra Nevada mountain range. It is the twelfth highest peak in California.

  • Red Slate Mountain

    Red Slate Mountain is the second highest peak in the Mammoth Lakes area of the Sierra Nevada (after Mount Ritter), and is only recommended for experienced adventurers.

  • White Mountain Peak

    White Mountain Peak (or simply White Mountain), at 14,252-foot (4344.0 m), is the third highest peak in California after Mount Whitney and Mount Williamson.

  • Lembert Dome

    Lembert Dome soars 800 feet above Tuolumne Meadows and the Tuolumne River in Yosemite National Park, 8 miles west of the Tioga Pass Entrance.

  • Mount Whitney

    The highest summit in the contiguous United States, Mt Whitney welcomes adventurers from far and wide. As long as you have a permit.

  • Cirque Peak

    Cirque Peak straddles the divide of the Golden Trout and John Muir Wildernesses, and the summit boasts panoramic views of the sprawling Sierra.