The Sierra Storm… as told through Instagram posts

We have received multiple feet of snow throughout the Sierra Nevada, and the highways, resorts, and  communities have struggled to keep up with blizzard conditions. Thank goodness for social media and the intrepid photographers who have shared updates on snowpack depth, lift status, and road conditions – as in, the road outside the house that is currently buried under snow.

Exhibit A: The Mammoth Mammoth

Exhibit B: Ski Resort Location Feeds

We link to Instagram locations throughout our site – each place listing, and most event listings – and we’ve been scrolling through to see what’s going on. The resorts are buried with fresh snow right now, and have the photos to prove it. Here are some of our favorite places – click on the icon below to see the page and the location feed.

As I type this, the snow continues to fall steadily outside my window, and today, after I shovel the walkway and driveway (again), I will sit back down at the computer and get work done. However, the skis and boards are in the garage, patiently waiting for a break in the storm… so we can take our own Instagram photos!

Exhibit C: Action Video of Shoveling the Driveway!