This one time, at snowboard camp…

Although I’ve been snowboarding for 13 years, this season I was ready to shake things up on the slopes. As if the Universe was listening, an email from Mt Rose announcing the start of the Thursday Ladies Ski/Ride clinics arrived in my inbox on Wednesday evening – just in time to put my gear in the car and reschedule my Thursday morning plans.

When I arrived at the lodge, about 20 women are gathered at the tables, enjoying coffee, hot chocolate, and doughnuts. After a brief welcome and instructor introductions, we split into groups based on our ability levels and made our way to the lifts. As there were only three snowboarders, we had our own group, and headed up the lift together.

snowboarding clinic

Photo credit Pexels via Pixabay.

Once we took a few turns, the instructor, Heather, asked me about my form. It took me a minute – it had been so long since I’d actually thought about my riding – but then a light bulb went off, and I started to feel more confident on my board! Funny how just thinking about something differently can make such a big difference.

We spent a solid 90 minutes making laps; I followed Heather’s example, and she was able to watch my turns and provide feedback. I soon felt stronger, faster, and more in control than I had in years. Seriously, YEARS. It was amazing and exhausting and invigorating. By noon, I was physically wiped out, but more energized about snowboarding than I’d been in a long time. I can’t wait for next week’s clinic, and I’d love to see more of my fellow snowboarders out there!

All the PSIA-certified instructors were friendly, helpful, and enthusiastic about skiing and riding. I can’t wait to see what guest speakers are in the lineup, and am looking forward to the planned video sessions and analysis. Want to join the fun? Mt Rose Ladies Ski/Ride clinics meet on Thursdays through March 16 (with a few days off around the holidays). The clinics are free to season passholders, and only $25 with a lift ticket. BONUS – Thursday is Ladies Day and tickets are only $29. Visit Mt Rose Ski Tahoe’s website for more information.